Training Programme Nomination

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A fast track onto our Training Programme for talented support staff. The staff member remains in their school, gets paid as they train and takes their career and skills to the next level.

  • Develop your support staff into teachers.
  • Retain staff who know your school.
  • Outstanding training that shapes outstanding teachers.
  • Comprehensive support for your trainee and school.
  • Nominate support staff who will thrive in the classroom.
  • Achieve QTS while training on the job.
Two years (optional third to complete a masters) 

Nominate your support staff to become a qualified teacher in your school.

School benefits

Retain talented colleagues

Your school won’t lose a valued team member. Your staff member will train on the job, in your school. They'll develop leadership skills that will make your team even stronger.

Stay on top of recruitment

You know your support staff well. Nothing proves ability more than day-to-day performance, so a headteacher can always spot a staff member with high potential. That’s why we leave it up to you to nominate staff who have what it takes for our Training Programme.

New teachers who hit the ground running

Your staff member will already know your school well. Your school’s policies, pupils and local community are already second nature. And on-the-job training means that your support staff will achieve Qualified Teacher Status on our Training Programme after just one year.

Top-class teacher education

We studied the best teacher education practices from across the globe when designing our Training Programme – Ofsted rates it outstanding in 41 out of 48 categories. So our Training Programme Nomination route doesn’t just make it possible for your staff member to qualify as a teacher – it allows them to qualify with world-class teacher training and support.

Good for your budget and your staff

Schools only pay a small portion of the training costs for our Training Programme for their support staff. You’ll pay a salary to the member of staff who’ll earn from day one so that they can focus fully on the training.

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Teacher with primary pupils
Teach First trainee

Support staff benefits

High-quality on-the-job training in the school you know

You’ll be staying right where you are, but your career will be going places. Our Training Programme offers world-class teacher training and leadership development, and when your headteacher nominates you through us, it means you can undertake it at your own school. You’ll spend some time at conferences, on training days and experiencing other schools, but your training will be in a familiar setting.

Receive a fast-tracked offer for our Training Programme

Your headteacher's confidence in your ability means you'll bypass most of our usual application process. Once your nomination has been accepted, we'll be in touch to register you and give you access to a Subject Knowledge Assessment. But once you've passed it, that's all. We'll sort the rest with your school.

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Our Training Programme Nomination is a route onto our Training Programme that gives talented support staff an offer to begin the programme, subject to meeting our requirements. Once they've been nominated by their Head Teacher, and they’ve registered their information, the member of staff joins the next Teach First Cohort the following September. They’ll then complete training in the school they currently work in.

Here’s an overview of how our Training Programme works:

Summer Institute

Summer Institute is the initial teacher training that prepares our trainees to start leading a class full of expectant pupils. At Summer Institute they’ll:

  • Learn the theory and practice of education and how to manage a classroom.
  • Beef up their knowledge of the curriculum.
  • Visit other schools to observe teaching in different settings.
  • Build relationships with leaders across your school.
  • Get to know other trainees.

In the past, Summer Institute was an intensive five week course running from late June to the end of July. This year, we’re offering a more flexible and accessible model so trainees can learn around their work and family commitments while also receive the high-quality and necessary initial teacher training to help them start teaching in September.

The first year

From day one in the classroom, trainees start with a reduced timetable (60% for Primary and Early Years, 80% for Secondary). Plus, they’ll earn at least the basic salary for an unqualified teacher.

Alongside working in school they’ll attend teacher training days and conferences run by us and our partner universities. They’ll build knowledge of teaching theory, get more practical training and, no doubt, swap lots of stories with other trainees. Throughout the programme they’ll be supported, trained and assessed by a Teach First expert, a mentor at their school and a university tutor.

All being well, by the end of the year they’ll achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) and be part-way to a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), which is worth double the credits of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

“There are so many skills I developed on the programme. Communication, relationship building and leadership are absolutely key.” Zara Khokhar, 2009 ambassador and Head of History, St Albans Academy.

The summer holidays

During the Summer Holidays they have the option of taking a work placement with a supporter organisation such as Google, PwC, British Film Institute and many, many more. Such placements can help them broaden their experience and develop skills that will prove useful in the classroom.

The second year

Now a newly qualified teacher (NQT), salaries go up to between £23,720 and £29,664 depending where their school is. They’ll also be teaching a full timetable and starting to build leadership credentials by taking on responsibilities such as:

  • Becoming a subject or year leader.
  • Mentoring pupils as they think about what to do after school.
  • Running a club that helps pupils aim higher and achieve more.

During the year they’ll complete the final two modules of their PGDE. And we’ll still be there supporting them alongside their school and university, through training days, conferences and one-to-one support.

After the training programme

Having a PGDE means they’ll be part-way to a fully-funded master’s degree, which they can choose to complete in an additionally third year of training. It’ll develop their teaching and leadership abilities, particularly around disadvantaged pupils, and give them greater insights into your school. On top of that, they’ll be a Teach First ambassador and part of our ambassador network. That means they’ll be connected to thousands of others who’ve been through the programme and are trying to create a fairer education system. They’re a close-knit, supportive bunch and they’re always happy to help.

Secondary school pupils singing
Teach First teacher with primary pupils
Portrait of Teach First ambassador Zara Khokhar.
There are so many skills I developed on the programme. Communication, relationship building and leadership are absolutely key.
Zara Khokhar,
2009 ambassador and Head of History
St Albans Academy


Before a headteacher makes a nomination, there are a few things to bear in mind.
Firstly, your school must be:

Secondly, the nominee must:

  • Be a teaching assistant, higher-level teaching assistant, cover supervisor, lab technician or unqualified teacher
  • Have a 2.2 degree or above.
  • Usually have a degree or an A-level (at grade B or higher) in the subject they’ll be teaching.
  • Have GCSE grade C or equivalent in maths and English. Grade C in one science subject is also required for primary teaching
  • Usually have worked at your school for at least 12 months. If they've worked there for a shorter amount of time they may still be eligible – we’ll consider this individually, so please get in touch.
  • Not have completed or started a teacher training programme before. Get all the details on eligibility for our Training Programme.

Qualifying schools

We only recruit trainees for schools in England and Wales and prioritise support for schools that teach a high number of pupils from low-income backgrounds.

Our criteria are agreed with the Department for Education (DfE) and used to identify schools that will benefit most from working with us. We use the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) and Achieving Excellence Areas (AEA), a measure that recognises parts of the country where children consistently underperform.

This focuses on schools that have either:

  • an IDACI of 40 or greater (40% of pupils live in the three most deprived deciles)
  • an IDACI of 35 to 40 and an AEA score of 4 to 6
  • an IDACI of 30 to 35 and an AEA score of 5 or 6
  • an IDACI of 25 to 30 and an AEA score of 6

We’re flexible, so if you think your school would benefit from our support but isn’t eligible, get in touch for a chat about your situation. You may also be able to access our range of continuing professional development (CPD) programmes to help teachers move into leadership positions.

What next?

If you work as support staff in your school and think this sounds like just the opportunity you’ve been looking for, send this webpage on to your headteacher so they can put you forward for it.

If you’re a headteacher, take a look at our 'Nominate' tab to see how you can nominate your member of support staff.

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Nomination process

Nominations open on Monday 8 November.

We recommend nominating early as we only have a limited number of places through our nomination route to the Training Programme and we operate on a first come, first serve basis.

To guarantee a place (subject to eligibility), your nomination must be received by:

  • Friday 28 January 2022

After this, places will be allocated based on schools that most need our support.

Final nomination deadline: Tuesday 26 April 2022.

Enquire now

Once we have all the information we need, your nominated staff member will be made an offer. It’s that simple.

Once your nominee receives an offer, they’ll have a Teach First recruitment contact who’ll be able to take them through the next steps in the process, including:

  • A full check of their qualifications to confirm their eligibility.
  • Completing an assessment of their subject knowledge and, where applicable, putting together a plan of how to get it up to speed.
  • Once the offer is confirmed, yourstaff member will be a Teach First trainee, with access to all the support, guidance and connections we offer. If you have any questions about our Training Programme Nomination route, please get in touch with your school partnership manager.

Nominations are currently closed. For any questions, get in touch with our team who’ll be able to chat through the process with you.

Enquire now

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Your journey on the Training Programme Nomination

Summer Institute
Your journey towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leaderships (PGDE) begins with the Summer Institute – a flexible way to undergo your initial teacher training so you’re classroom-ready for September.

Trainees at Summer Institute
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After Summer Institute

You’ll have a short break to prepare for your first classroom lessons in September.   

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Start of year one

From your first day you’ll be in the classroom, teaching a partial timetable. This is also when you’ll start earning a salary. 

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End of year one

By the end of your first year you’ll have Qualified Teacher Status and be part-way towards your full PGDE.

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Summer holidays

You can spend your summer break taking on a work placement or internship opportunities at one of our partners.

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Start of year two

Now a Newly Qualified Teacher, you’ll earn a higher salary and teach a full timetable.

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End of year two

You’ll complete the Training Programme having earned your PGDE. You’ll also become a Teach First ambassador.

Teach First Ambassador
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Year three

You can choose to transfer your PGDE credits towards a Master’s degree, which you can complete part-time.

Teach First Ambassadors
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Training Programme

Our country needs teachers, now more than ever. Join our most important cohort for a generation.

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Learn more about our Training Programme Nomination

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